GLAC 26 Call for Papers


The organizers of the 26th Germanic Linguistics Annual Conference (GLAC 26), hosted by the Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies and the Department of Linguistics at the University of Georgia, invite faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars to submit abstracts to the conference, which will be take place April 2-4, 2020.


There are two options for participating in GLAC 26:

     • 30-minute paper presentations on original research (20 minute talk, 10 minute question period)

     • Poster session presentation on research


Papers and posters may be on any linguistic or philological aspect of any historical or modern Germanic language or dialect, including English (to the Early Modern period) and the extraterritorial varieties. Papers from the full range of linguistic and philological sub-fields, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, stylistics, language variation, language typology, metrics, first and second language acquisition, foreign language education, language contact and language change, as well as differing theoretical perspectives, are welcome. All abstracts will undergo anonymous peer review.


Note: Individuals may submit a maximum of two abstracts, including an abstract for one single-authored paper/poster and one co-authored paper/poster.


Abstracts must be submitted electronically in .pdf format by January 15, 2020. Abstracts should be a maximum of one single-spaced page in length and written in a standard 12-point font. The should be submitted through Easy Abstracts at



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